Thursday, January 25, 2007

319. Upon Finding... - L. E. Sissman

Upon Finding - Dying: An Introduction, by L. E. Sissman,
Remaindered at 1s.

I wandered lonely as a cloud in Foyles
Of incadescent, tight-knit air, when I
Spied a remainder counter, pied as a
Meadow in autumn with the relicts of
A foisonous summer: novels all the Réage
Short weeks ago, now smutched with rests and rots
Upon their colored calyces; memoirs
Of august personages laid to rest
As early as October; ghosts of Mod
Nonce-figures, once in, now as dead as God;
And there, a snip under a blackleg sign,
"These books reduced to 1s.," there is mine,
Dying: An Introduction. Well, if you
Preach about dying, you must practice, too.

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