Friday, October 26, 2007

515. A Not So Good Night In The San Pedro Of The World - Charles Bukowski

it's unlikely that a decent poem is in me
and I understand that this is strickly my
and of no interest to you
that I sit here listening to a man playing
a piano on the radio
and it's bad piano, both the playing and
the composition
and again, this is of no interest to you
as one of my cats,
a beautiful white with strange markings,
sleeps in the bathroom.

I have no ideas of what would be of interest to you
but I doubt that you would be of
interest to me, do don't get
in fact, come to think of it, you can
kiss my ass.

I continue to listen to the piano
this will not be a memorable night in my
life or yours.

let us celebrate the stupidity of our

 (Thanks Obaid)

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