Monday, December 31, 2007

564. Alusina takes a walk in the rain - Conchitina Cruz

Conchitina Cruz - Alusina takes a walk in the rain

It is difficult to miss you in the summer, your voice written all over the clear night sky, the
stars mapping out your single instruction: go home. Each night, I keep my eyes on the
shadow of my open umbrella. I stay indoors, stay away from windows.

Today, the news tells me you are scheduled to be lonely. I part my curtains and look up.

Later, when the roads turn slippery with your sadness, I will put on my shoes, soak myself
in your tears. It is difficult not to miss you when the evening sky is speechless, when your silence
travels down my cheeks, like a request.

I cannot forgive you. That day, if you had not refused, I would have given you a present. I
would have carved my love in stone.

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