Wednesday, February 13, 2008

596. Donald - James Kavanaugh

Donald lives with his mother
and everyone says that's ridiculous
For a forty-two-year-old man with a good job.
But Donald tried making it alone
Until it got too lonely in the morning.
Besides, his mother is nice and makes very good coffee.

Martin thinks Donald is a latent queer,
But Martin thinks that about almost everyone––
Which sometimes makes me wonder latently about Martin.

Mrs. Carmody says she'd never do what Donald's mother did,
But she doesn't say what Donald's mother did.
Nor admit her only son hasn't spoken to her in ten years.

Betty Lou is certain that Donald is impotent,
Which probably explains why Betty Lou's husband works nights.

Dr. Adcock suggested over martinis that it was an oral fixation
Aptly symbolized by Donald's hysterical overbite.
Adcock did not reveal the symbolism of his own elongated incisors.

Madge Lewis thinks Donald is afraid of women,
And he is, of Madge Lewis. But then so is everyone else.

Eddie Lewis says Donald is the kind you read about
That chokes his mother and buries her in the backyard.
Which is exactly what Eddie Lewis would like to do with Madge.

Donald says that when he lived alone
It got too lonely in the morning.
Besides, his mother is nice,
And makes very good coffee.

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