Sunday, January 26, 2014

963. When I Wrote A Little - Hayden Carruth

When I Wrote A Little

poem in the ancient mode for you

that was musical and had old words

in it such as would never do in

the academies you loved it and you

said you did not know how to thank

me and in truth this is a problem

for who can ever be grateful enough 

for poetry but i said you thank me

every day and every night wordlessly

which you really do although again

in truth it is a problem for how can

life ever be consonant with spirit

yet we are human and are naturally

hungry for gratitude yes we need it

and never have enough oh my dear i

think these problems are always with

us and in reality have no solutions

except when we wash them away on

salty tides of loving as we rock in

the dark sure sea of our existence

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