Saturday, May 06, 2006

103. A BALLADE OF A BOOK-REVIEWER - G. K. Chesterton

I have not read a rotten page
Of 'Sex-Hate' or 'The Social Test,'
And here comes 'Husks' and 'Heritage'...
O Moses, give us all a rest!
'Ethics of Empire! ... I protest
I will not even cut the strings,
I'll read 'Jack Redskin on the Quest'
And feed by brain with better things.

Somebody want a Wiser Age
(He also wants me in invest);
Somebody likes the Finnish Stage
Because the jesters do not jest;
And grey with dust is Dante's crest
The bell of Rabelais soundless swings;
And the winds come out of the west
And feed my brain with better things.

Lord of our laughter and our rage,
Look on us with our sins oppressed!
I, too, have trodden mine heritage
Wickedly wearying of the best.
Burn from my brain and from my breast
Sloth, and the cowardice that clings,
And stiffness and the soul's arrest:
And feed by brain with better things.

Prince, you are host and I am guest,
Therefore I shrink from cavillings ...
But I should have the fizz suppressed
And feed by brain with better things.

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