Wednesday, May 10, 2006

105. LET'S HEAR IT FOR GOLIATH - Jon Dressel

Let's Hear It For Goliath

who never asked to be born either,
let alone grow nine feet

tall and wind up a metaphor;
fat chance he had of

avoiding the shove from behind;
his old man no doubt gave him

a sword to teethe on,
and a scout for Philistine

host probably had him under
contract by the end of junior high;

it was a fix;
and who wouldn't have cursed

at the sight of that arrogant runt
with the sling, who

for all his psalms, would later
buy one wife with a hundred

bloody pecker-skins, and another
with a King's X on Uriah; bah,

let's hear it for Goliath, a big
boy who got bad press but

who did his job, absorbed a flukey
shot, and died with a thud.